About Us

Hello, to anyone reading this. My name is Kimberly. Me and my wonderful Fiance have decided to start a blog together. I’m not all that sure what this blog will be about but whatever it is, I hope it’s interesting enough for you to keep reading. I believe we will mainly be talking about relationship stuff and just life in general. For this first post, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce ourselves. So as I already told you, my name is Kimberly. I’m 22 years of age, going on 23 in August. I live in a one bedroom apartment with the love of my life and our 2 cats. We are located in Bullhead City, Arizona. Basically one of the hottest cities in the state, or even country for that matter. There isn’t a whole lot to do here, so our free time consists of watching Netflix at home or spending time in the sun at the river or lake. I’m a big nature person, so I love to do anything that requires me to be outside. Well when I’m not dying in the 115 degree weather. I love to hike, swim, camp out in the trees. I love storms. The rain, the thunder, the lighting. It just makes me feel some type of way. Me and my soon-to-be hubby have recently made a lifestyle change. We decided to go Vegetarian . That’s a whole other topic I will most likely blog about. I love reading. And I don’t mean reading on an electronic device, such as a Kindle. I’m old school, I like paperback. I love makeup. I would consider it a hobby of mine, since I love it doing it so much. I like decorating. I’m some what of a perfectionist. I definitely have eye for detail.  I like to think of myself as an all around humble person. I like to live positively, stress free. I try to love with all that I have. I just like to be happy. But anyways, enough about me. I don’t want to bore you too much. So I will turn this over to my amazing fiance…

My name is Carl Douglas Grady Jr. Call me Douglas. I was born into this world on the 23rd of July 1989.  I read my fiance’s part of this whole about me portion and that’s going to basically cut my part in half. Which makes it easier for me.  I also love nature. Everything about it. From trees to rocks, and from the biggest animal to the smallest spider. All life is precious. I enjoy the simple things in life; that cool breeze that comes out of nowhere on a hot hot summer day.  The smell of pine trees. Im all about adventure. Hiking, camping, swimming, pretty much anything to get me outside and away from the tv as much as possible.  It’s true what my bride to be said… there’s not much to do here. But whatever we do even if it’s nothing i love being with and doing everything with the love of my life. I love the water, and all that is beneath.  Which is why i like snorkeling so much.  Many of the blogs and pics I post will be about such adventures. I love my wife to be with all my heart and I’m so beyond blessed to be able to share many of the adventures and bits of our lives personally with her. She is beyond amazing.  I love her more than she loves me so don’t let her tell you different.  Love and be loved, build others up. Focus on the good things. “ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE AND KIND”   I hope that you learn things through our blogs, and enjoy reading them. 


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