Pool Time

It may not be exciting for some rich people with in ground pools and fancy houses. But for me it was quite a happy occasion. My fiance and i bought an above ground pool. Its a 15 foot and 3 feet deep. Doesn’t  sound like much but i absolutely love it. Its perfect to stay cool and relax. And its private. We will still go to the river and lake of course. But when we want our privacy and a place to tan and relax in peace we have a place to do it.  Getting the pool was the easy part. There’s lots of things like maintenance and cleaning that goes with it. If it wasn’t for my amazing wife to be, I would have gone crazy trying to figure out most of the stuff. The day day we set it up was around 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and I being shirtless and without sun protection had the sun in all its fury was beating down on my back.  But it was totally worth the work and pain.  My back is turning into a tan. After we got the pool set up we added the water. The first two days we decided to just enjoy our pool. After we figured out why the filter and pump was leaking (too much water) i managed to set the seal that was on the pool in the pool to stop that from leaking as well.  When we got done with our swim we evened out the ph balance in the water.  Then two hours later we added in a nice dose of pool shock treatment. Now all we need to do is add our chlorine tablet in our cool pool sunglass wearing duck to keep it clean.  Even though this place and heat are miserable during the summer im so glad we invested in the pool.  We will probably spend a lot of our time in it. I’m so happy my loving fiance decided to do this with me. I love her. She never stops amazing me.  Like i said a pool like this isn’t a big deal to some but when you live almost check to check and you’re able to do something like this it feels really good.  I can’t wait to go swimming in our new pool with my love again.  -Douglas


A Night To Remember *Our How We Met In Vegas Story*… Part 1.

How did you meet your significant  other? Did you meet online? At a party? Through mutual friends perhaps? Or just happened to be at the same place, at the same time and got to talking? Was it anything how you would have expected to meet your soulmate? I can tell you one thing, I definitely didn’t expect meet my soon-to-be hubby the way that I did. You’re probably thinking Just get on with the story already so with further or do, here is my crazy, embarrassing, fun, totally unexpected how we met story.. There are a lot of details, and that night was definitely a blur, so bare with me as I try to tell you everything as far as I can remember. So, I guess you can consider this a ‘met through mutual friends’ thing. My friend, (we will call her Jane) And I were at the river one day. It was the last day of February, maybe 70° outside with the river water temperature ranging in the 40’s. To us Arizonians that’s quite cold. So, as we were soaking up some sun on the rivers beach area, she randomly asked “Do you want to go eat with me and my friend Douglas?” I told her I had to think about it because first, I didn’t know him and didn’t want it to be super awkward. And second I didn’t know if he cared that I went because they had made plans for just the two of them. So we leave the river and drive back to my house. We change into normal clothes and she says he is going to be picking her up soon. She really wanted me to go so I agreed to it. She texted him my address and next thing I know he’s picking both of us up from my house. She gets in the passenger side and me in the back seat. We drive to the town over, that’s about 15 minutes away, to go to a restaurant called ‘Casa Serrano’. The waiter seats us next to a window and takes our order. I ordered an enchilada plate from the kids menu, and I remember only taking a few bites of it. For some reason I felt really nervous eating in front of this cute stranger I didn’t know. And at this point I was really thankful for the window seat, it gave me something to look at to avoid awkward eye contact. The moment became a little less awkward though when Jane pointed out that her food was shaped like a penis. We all laughed a little about that. When we were done eating we got back in his car and as we were stopped at a red light, we were trying to decide what to do next. There isn’t much to do in the City we live in, So Douglas asked “You guys want to go to Vegas?” We all kind of sat in silence for a few seconds not sure if he’s being serious. Mind you, it’s about 8 P.M. and Vegas is a 2 hour drive from where we live. “I’ll go to Vegas.” I reply. I’m not really sure what I was I thinking at this point, going to Vegas with my best friend and a complete stranger, late night, and having to drive back to town. “Okay.” Jane said after some thought. So we all agreed to go, and we were soon on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada. So after the 2 hour drive, we arrive in Vegas around 10 P.M. We first decided we needed to find a place to park, so we drove into the parking garage of the Casino New York New York. We get out and walk down to the strip. I believe the first place we went to was M&M world, which is also where we decided to look up prices for a hotel room. We wanted to have fun in Vegas and didn’t want to have to make the trip back to Arizona that same night.We booked the room and then decided we needed some alcohol in our systems since we were going to stay the night here. And that is when the craziness started to happen… sorry to cut it short but there’s a lot that happens next. If you enjoyed reading this and is curious about what happens next, stay tuned for Part 2. It only gets better. 

Do you Believe in Ghosts? 

I’m  going to answer the title to this blog firstly with a big YES! People who say they don’t believe in spirits or ghosts  (in my opinion) are usually refusing to believe because they are in denial about it and afraid to confront things they have seen or they simply haven’t had an experience themselves. They are the seeing is believing people. And its understandable I was the same way until I had a few experiences with what i believe are called ghostly apparitions.  When i was 10 or 11 years old and my family was living in Columbia, SC….my mom was up in the kitchen doing dishes, when suddenly she stops and leans over the sink. I dont see what she sees at first cause I’m sitting at the table doing homework.  But i hear chanting . Almost like timed battle songs.  I go outside and my mom comes running after me and she pulls me inside and locks the door.  We were both seeing men marching around with torches wearing old kkk attire. The neighborhood we lived was racially devided. Literally. The street was V shaped and one side was white the other side black.  And my family had the corner house. So automatically my mom thought that these racist people were planning an attack on our neighbors.  So she called the police.  The police came and went to the field we saw them. One of the officers was talking to dispatch as my mom was. The policeman was saying there is nobody in the field just grass. However what my mom and i was seeing was the police officers walking straight through all of these marching chanting kkk spirits. My mom was telling them they are right in front of you. But they couldn’t see any of it. That was my first of many other things i have seen. Don’t get me wrong I don’t cry ghost at the drop of a hat. I know many occurances can be debunked or explained and aren’t ghosts or spiritual.  But i can honestly say i have experienced it and most definitly believe in ghosts. What about you?  –Douglas

Trying to have a baby?

For those of you ladies out there who are trying to conceive and haven’t yet because of infertility issues, you’re not alone! Trying to get pregnant can be so frustrating when there are things in the way, interrupting the process. When my Fiance and I first decided we wanted to start a family, I thought it was going to be easy. Just have unprotected sex and you’ll get pregnant, right? Wrong. Month after month of getting negative hpt’s, (Home pregnancy tests) I decided to turn to the internet for answers. I’ve read a million different posts and watched a million different videos. I was becoming more and more educated with each search I made. I’ve learned there is only a small percentage of a woman getting pregnant, due to the fact that a womans ovulation only occurs one day out of the month. Which means her egg has to be fertilized in the next 12-48 hours after dropping, otherwise pregnancy does not occur. So all those people that end up getting pregnant the first time they have sex, it just so happens to be at the right time in her cycle. Confusing, I know. So my question is, why have I not been able to get pregnant. I have been trying for a year and 3 months now. Well, there are a lot of other factors that play a role in getting pregnant. Such as a woman period, what she eats, what her sleep pattern is like etc. And in my research, I noticed that a lot of woman having a hard time ttc, (trying to conceive) had irregular periods. So I googled what can cause an irregular period. There was one video in particular I came across. It was a girl around the same age as me talking about her ttc journey. She mentioned that she was diagnosed with PCOS. I’m not sure if I have this or not, but I really felt like I related to a lot of the symptoms. From my understanding, it is very difficult to get pregnant with PCOS because basically you don’t ovulate. Instead of a woman’s egg dropping during ovulation it stays on her ovaries, which later dies off and turns in cysts. Hence the name, poly cystic ovarian syndrome. It also messes with your cycle. Either elongating them, or making it to where you don’t get a period at all. If I do infact have pcos, there is no cure for it. However, many people can regulate it with medicines, depending on how bad your case is. Because I have been trying for more then a year, I’ve decided to takes steps to improve my chances of getting pregnant. I have started taking Fertilaid and ovaboost which basically regulates my period, helps me ovulate and increases the quality of my eggs. I’m only in one month of taking them but I did get a positive opk (ovulation predictor kit). Which I never got before. I am now currently in my 2 week wait which is probably the most stressful time out of the month. Basically 2 weeks after ovulation, you will have enough hcg in your system to get a positive pregnancy test if you did conceive. So those 2 weeks feel like eternity. And constantly looking for pregnancy symptoms does drive me a little insane. Especially knowing its probably all in my head, and that it’s probably way too soon to even get symptoms. But that happens every month. I’m sure some of you reading this, knows exactly how i feel. The medicine I’m taking, does say to give it 3 months to see positive results. A woman’s egg does take 3 months to develop. So if that 3 months passes and I don’t get pregnant, I will definitely be visiting the lady Dr. to see what other steps I can take. I’m hoping this is the month it happens for me and my fiance. This has been a long hard road to follow but I won’t give up. I will give anything to have my own little family. I will definitely keep you all updated. – Kimberly.

About Us

Hello, to anyone reading this. My name is Kimberly. Me and my wonderful Fiance have decided to start a blog together. I’m not all that sure what this blog will be about but whatever it is, I hope it’s interesting enough for you to keep reading. I believe we will mainly be talking about relationship stuff and just life in general. For this first post, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce ourselves. So as I already told you, my name is Kimberly. I’m 22 years of age, going on 23 in August. I live in a one bedroom apartment with the love of my life and our 2 cats. We are located in Bullhead City, Arizona. Basically one of the hottest cities in the state, or even country for that matter. There isn’t a whole lot to do here, so our free time consists of watching Netflix at home or spending time in the sun at the river or lake. I’m a big nature person, so I love to do anything that requires me to be outside. Well when I’m not dying in the 115 degree weather. I love to hike, swim, camp out in the trees. I love storms. The rain, the thunder, the lighting. It just makes me feel some type of way. Me and my soon-to-be hubby have recently made a lifestyle change. We decided to go Vegetarian . That’s a whole other topic I will most likely blog about. I love reading. And I don’t mean reading on an electronic device, such as a Kindle. I’m old school, I like paperback. I love makeup. I would consider it a hobby of mine, since I love it doing it so much. I like decorating. I’m some what of a perfectionist. I definitely have eye for detail.  I like to think of myself as an all around humble person. I like to live positively, stress free. I try to love with all that I have. I just like to be happy. But anyways, enough about me. I don’t want to bore you too much. So I will turn this over to my amazing fiance…

My name is Carl Douglas Grady Jr. Call me Douglas. I was born into this world on the 23rd of July 1989.  I read my fiance’s part of this whole about me portion and that’s going to basically cut my part in half. Which makes it easier for me.  I also love nature. Everything about it. From trees to rocks, and from the biggest animal to the smallest spider. All life is precious. I enjoy the simple things in life; that cool breeze that comes out of nowhere on a hot hot summer day.  The smell of pine trees. Im all about adventure. Hiking, camping, swimming, pretty much anything to get me outside and away from the tv as much as possible.  It’s true what my bride to be said… there’s not much to do here. But whatever we do even if it’s nothing i love being with and doing everything with the love of my life. I love the water, and all that is beneath.  Which is why i like snorkeling so much.  Many of the blogs and pics I post will be about such adventures. I love my wife to be with all my heart and I’m so beyond blessed to be able to share many of the adventures and bits of our lives personally with her. She is beyond amazing.  I love her more than she loves me so don’t let her tell you different.  Love and be loved, build others up. Focus on the good things. “ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE AND KIND”   I hope that you learn things through our blogs, and enjoy reading them.