Do you Believe in Ghosts? 

I’m  going to answer the title to this blog firstly with a big YES! People who say they don’t believe in spirits or ghosts  (in my opinion) are usually refusing to believe because they are in denial about it and afraid to confront things they have seen or they simply haven’t had an experience themselves. They are the seeing is believing people. And its understandable I was the same way until I had a few experiences with what i believe are called ghostly apparitions.  When i was 10 or 11 years old and my family was living in Columbia, SC….my mom was up in the kitchen doing dishes, when suddenly she stops and leans over the sink. I dont see what she sees at first cause I’m sitting at the table doing homework.  But i hear chanting . Almost like timed battle songs.  I go outside and my mom comes running after me and she pulls me inside and locks the door.  We were both seeing men marching around with torches wearing old kkk attire. The neighborhood we lived was racially devided. Literally. The street was V shaped and one side was white the other side black.  And my family had the corner house. So automatically my mom thought that these racist people were planning an attack on our neighbors.  So she called the police.  The police came and went to the field we saw them. One of the officers was talking to dispatch as my mom was. The policeman was saying there is nobody in the field just grass. However what my mom and i was seeing was the police officers walking straight through all of these marching chanting kkk spirits. My mom was telling them they are right in front of you. But they couldn’t see any of it. That was my first of many other things i have seen. Don’t get me wrong I don’t cry ghost at the drop of a hat. I know many occurances can be debunked or explained and aren’t ghosts or spiritual.  But i can honestly say i have experienced it and most definitly believe in ghosts. What about you?  –Douglas