Pool Time

It may not be exciting for some rich people with in ground pools and fancy houses. But for me it was quite a happy occasion. My fiance and i bought an above ground pool. Its a 15 foot and 3 feet deep. Doesn’t  sound like much but i absolutely love it. Its perfect to stay cool and relax. And its private. We will still go to the river and lake of course. But when we want our privacy and a place to tan and relax in peace we have a place to do it.  Getting the pool was the easy part. There’s lots of things like maintenance and cleaning that goes with it. If it wasn’t for my amazing wife to be, I would have gone crazy trying to figure out most of the stuff. The day day we set it up was around 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and I being shirtless and without sun protection had the sun in all its fury was beating down on my back.  But it was totally worth the work and pain.  My back is turning into a tan. After we got the pool set up we added the water. The first two days we decided to just enjoy our pool. After we figured out why the filter and pump was leaking (too much water) i managed to set the seal that was on the pool in the pool to stop that from leaking as well.  When we got done with our swim we evened out the ph balance in the water.  Then two hours later we added in a nice dose of pool shock treatment. Now all we need to do is add our chlorine tablet in our cool pool sunglass wearing duck to keep it clean.  Even though this place and heat are miserable during the summer im so glad we invested in the pool.  We will probably spend a lot of our time in it. I’m so happy my loving fiance decided to do this with me. I love her. She never stops amazing me.  Like i said a pool like this isn’t a big deal to some but when you live almost check to check and you’re able to do something like this it feels really good.  I can’t wait to go swimming in our new pool with my love again.  -Douglas